Join the Global Grant

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Since 1997, the Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP) has secured over 40 matching grants and Global Grants from The Rotary Foundation. We’re so excited for your club to join us!

Follow the five steps below to join our current Global Grant and multiply your impact on students in Guatemala.

2024-2025 Global Grant #2463588

Host Clubs: Rotary Clubs of Nueva Guatemala (D-4250) and Windsor-Roseland (D-6400)

Status: Accepting Pledges


1) Review the GLP Request for Funding

The 2024-2025 GLP Request for Funding for Global Grant #2463588 is available to download at the button below. You can share these grant details with your club’s International Service Committee!

(You can find even more details on current and past Global Grants on our Global Grant Details page.)

2) Make Your Pledge/Payment

When your club is ready, make a pledge or payment using the form below by the deadline. We will add your club to our list of Current Pledges as soon as possible.

Pay Later

Prefer to pay via check?

Send your club’s donation in USD
with “GLP” in check memo to:

Guatemala Literacy Project
2300 Montana Ave, Suite 401
Cincinnati, OH 45211
United States of America

Note: Due to bank fees, we can no longer accept funds in other currencies.

Special Instructions for Canadian Clubs

Send your club’s donation (with “GLP” in cheque memo) to:

Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland
PO Box 23043, 3100 Howard Avenue
Windsor, ON N8X 5B5

Special Instructions for Clubs Outside of the US and Canada

Here is how you can make your online payment by credit card:

  • Our partner organization, Cooperative for Education, processes GLP donations, so online donations can be made through their website. Click this link to reach their designated GLP donation page.
  • Enter your contact information and Rotary Club name in the first section.
  • Enter the amount of club contribution in USD in the box under “Donation Amount”.
  • Make sure that the “24-25 GLP Global Grant – Club Contribution” option is selected in the “This contribution should be credited to” dropdown menu if you are donating on behalf of a Rotary Club.
  • Enter all required (starred) payment information in the “Secured Payment” section and be sure to select the appropriate country. Our payment processor requires the “State” field to be filled out, but will allow you to type any word into that box instead of choosing from the dropdown.
  • If you would like to cover the processing fee so 100% of the contribution goes to the GLP, please click the box under the “Cover the Transaction Fee” section.
  • Click the green “Make Payment” button.

Since Cooperative for Education processes all GLP donations, the charge on the credit card will be from Cooperative for Education, not the Guatemala Literacy Project. But the money *will* be placed in the GLP’s bank account.

If you have any problems with the online payment or you have any other questions, please contact .

Thank you!

3) Request a Match

You can contact your District Rotary Foundation Chairperson to find out if your donation is eligible for matching with District Designated Funds (DDF).

The GLP will take care of all Global Grant paperwork and request matches from The Rotary Foundation—helping your club funds multiply nearly 3 times!

5) That’s It!

Thank you for supporting literacy in Guatemala! As a supporting club you will receive:

  • A complete report detailing who benefited from your contribution and how the funds were spent
  • Photographs of the schools and students
  • Letters from the children benefiting from the projects
  • The right to name a Guatemala Literacy Fellow for every $1,000 contributed