As you know, GLP Global Grant #2012567 for the 2020-2021 Rotary year was recently approved by The Rotary Foundation for the amount of $507,692. This incredible gift will change the lives of over 8,200 students and teachers through the GLP’s four proven programs. Thank you for making this possible! 

As the next Rotary year approaches, we are excited to announce that the GLP’s 2021-2022 Global Grant #2124415 is officially open!

Join 2021-22 RI President Shekhar Mehta in Focusing on Girls’ Education this Rotary year!

There are many issues that girls face in different parts of the world, and you as leaders will ensure that we try and mitigate the disadvantages [that girls] may have.

Shekhar Mehta

2021-22 Rotary International President

This coming Rotary year, 2021-2022, Rotary President Shekhar Mehta is encouraging members to focus their efforts on empowering girls and ensuring their access to education, resources, services, and opportunities so that future generations of women leaders will have the tools they need to succeed.

GLP Global Grants include a youth development program specifically designed to even the playing field for girls, who are often the first to be pulled out of school in Guatemala when money is tight. And once they’re in school, the rest of the GLP’s programs combine to give these girls (and their male peers) the opportunity to learn to read, study with textbooks, gain vital technology skills, and receive scholarships that allow them to reach the all-important milestone of high school graduation.

Through education, these vulnerable girls (and their male peers) are able to lift themselves, their families, and their entire communities out of poverty—breaking the cycle, once and for all.

So, will your club pledge to GLP Global Grant #2124415 and not only help fulfill 2021-22 RI President Mehta’s goal of helping girls get an education, but bring all of these vulnerable youth in Guatemala the education and opportunities they deserve?

The pledge deadline is September 15, 2021!

Now, more than ever, we need YOUR club and district’s support to continue bringing these much-needed programs to the communities we serve in Guatemala that are still being ravaged by COVID-19. (And if you haven’t supported the GLP before, it’s a great time to join the cause!). As we launch Global Grant #2124415 hosted by the Rotary Clubs of Guatemala de la Asunción (D-4250) and Yorba Linda Sunrise, CA (D-5320), please make your pledge using our easy online form by September 15, 2021.

Thank you again for your commitment to providing Guatemalan girls—and boys!—with the education they need to transform their future from poverty to opportunity.