Just last month, we packed our bags and headed down to Guatemala to meet 30 eager travelers for an fun-filled GLP Tour. With 8 days’ worth of hilarious and heartfelt stories, we couldn’t pick just one favorite memory from tour… so we decided to give you SEVEN!

Seven: Trying traditional foods

Many tour participants embarked on a culinary adventure in Guatemala, sampling delicious traditional Guatemalan dishes. Karen and Helen were the bravest… taste-testing some iguana!

Six: Visiting schools

School visits are easily a top moment for all our tour participants, and on the GLP Tour this was no exception. We visited 6 wonderful program schools in Guatemala, inaugurating brand new and re-inaugurating existing Computer Programs, Textbook Programs, and Spark Reading Programs.

Five: Playing with the kiddos

Whether we’re blowing bubbles, creating sidewalk art with chalk, or even shooting hoops… playing with the kids is always an adventure filled with laughter, joy, and genuine connection.

Four: Learning about weaving

Another favorite CoEd Tour tradition! The GLP Tour group visited a San Juan La Laguna weaving cooperative to learn more about this intricate and culturally significant craft, complete with skilled demonstrations on backstrap looms. Many weaving cooperatives like this one create powerful and ethical career opportunities for local indigenous women to support their families through their beautiful weavings.

Three: Meeting amazing Rise students

Meeting or reconnecting with Rise students is always a heartwarming experience for sponsors. The air was filled with laughter, and even tears of joy, as participants and Rise scholars gathered in small groups with interpreters to spend quality time getting to know each other more.

Two: Experiencing the vibrant culture and local heritage

Unique to each schools’ community, the students’ folklorico performances were absolutely breathtaking, showcasing incredible talent and cultural meaning.

One: Making memories… while making an impact

New friendships and tons of memories were made over our 8 wonderful days traveling across the Western Highlands together, all strengthened by our work together to break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through education.

Ready to make some memories with us?