Primary-school teacher Lidia Mejía and Alfredo Perez from the Rotary Club of Del Valle, Guatemala, explain the GLP’s Culture of Reading Program to Cristina Llano, member of The Rotary Foundation’s Cadre of Technical Advisors, during a site visit for GLP Global Grant #1531565.

Dear GLP Rotarians,

As the holidays approach and the year draws to a close, we wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for your support of the Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP) and update you on the tremendous things you are making possible for students and teachers in Guatemala.

Primary school teacher Lidia Mejía recently had this to say at a GLP fundraiser hosted by the Rotary Clubs of La Reforma and Del Valle, Guatemala:

For me, education means liberating oneself from the mental bonds of poverty and ignorance. And the (GLP’s) Culture of Reading Program is a path traveled with the highest level of professionalism to achieve a quality education. I feel that the presence of the GLP in my school is a “miracle” because not every city or every school in the country receives the kind of training that the GLP offers.

I am of the opinion that every student of education and all working teachers should have this training because it is necessary. At the same time, I understand that change is gradual and the best way to show the impact and functional benefit that the Culture of Reading Program has had in my life and my work is to continue applying what I have learned without waiting for someone to arrive in my classroom to observe me. I will do it with the conviction that education is the best way to create a positive change in our country of Guatemala and with the memory of the confidence and work that you dedicate to the Culture of Reading Program always present in my mind. May God bless you with abundant peace and well-being for your families.

Lidia Mejía
Culture of Reading Program teacher
Aldea Puerta Abajo, Zaragoza, Chimaltenango

Thanks to your support, over 400 teachers like Lidia received pedagogical training this year through the GLP. They are helping their students learn to read, think critically, use technology to solve real-world problems, and ultimately, transform their lives and their country. We hope you know what an incredible difference you are making. Thank you.

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